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Website Design Best Practices 

Wonder if you're doing everything you should be doing with your website?  Join Wendy and June of bWyse to learn the best practices for today's effective websites.  We'll walk through a few websites to demonstrate what works and what doesn't … and why.  In this session we will review websites in detail to share ideas illustrate the 10 things that every website needs.  We can include website reviews from audience members during the presentation.

Topics covered include:

    • The best website practices & trends
    • New and fresh design techniques
    • What works on sites & why
    • What's old school & time to let go
    • And much, much more! 

Wny You Need a Mobile Responsive Website

There are 8 billion people in the world - 4 billion cell phones and 1 billion are smart phones!  Half of all searches are done on a mobile device!!  Join Wendy and June of bWyse as we explore the mobile world to help you determine if now is the time to create a mobile website for your business.

Topics covered include:

    • An introduction to Mobile Websites
    • Eploring Mobile Marketing and Advertising
    • Location based applications like Foursquare & Google+ Facebook
    • Help determining your next Mobile steps
    • and much more!


 16 Ways to Market Your Website for Low or NO Cost

A comprehensive workshop based on bWyse’s book 16 Ways You Can Market Your Website! Every Small Business Owner’s Guide to Website Marketing.  This workshop is an interactive and participatory.  Wendy walks the audience through many techniques they can implement on their own to drive more traffic to their website.

Topics covered include:

    • Website content.
    • Navigation and the visitor’s experience.
    • The importance of local search.
    • Gaining link popularity.
    • Managing email marketing.
    • Becoming an expert through article distribution.
    • And more!

Twitter for Biz

Twitter is becoming more and more important as a social media platform.  Is your business using Twitter effectively?  Do you wonder if your business should be on Twitter in the first place?  During this presentation we explore the ins and outs of why and how Twitter can work for a business.  This interactive and entertaining presentation will have you laughing and learning.

Topics covered include:

    • How to create your account
    • Complete your profile
    • Who you should be following
    • How, when and why to follow others
    • Tools to be more efficient and more!

 Sell More Online! 6 Steps to Cover Visitors into Buyers

Are you successfully converting your website visitors into website buyers?  If not, you won’t want to miss this all-encompassing workshop based on bWyse’s book 6 Steps To Convert Visitors into Buyers! Every Small Business Owner’s Guide to Selling Online.  This workshop is an interactive and participatory presentation.  Wendy guides the audience through specific strategies they can implement to increase their online sales.

Topics covered include: Part I:

    • Are You and Your Website Ready to Go?
      • Website design, navigation, copy and content.
      • Who buys your stuff?
    • Part II: Drive More Traffic to Your Website
      • Linking, Organic Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click.
    • Part III: Building Trust and Loyalty:
      • Your Contact Database
      • Psychology of buying online, creating loyalty, personal bonds.


 Ask the Expert! 

Confused by Internet Marketing, Social Media, Websites?  This session is designed for you!  Join Wendy and June of bWyse who will answer any and all of your questions.  This is a fun and informative interactive sessions that guarantees you'll learn a ton!

Topics covered include:

    • Blogging and Updating Your Websites
    • Do backlinks still work after Google updates?
    • Social Media - the how and why of it all!
    • How to drive more traffic to your website
    • Website content
    • Navigation
    • Local Search
    • Link Popularity
    • Email Marketing
    • And much, much more!

 Blogging – Get Started Now!

Your blog is the foundation of your Social Media strategy.  Still trying to figure out how to use a blog to work for your business?  Are you looking for the raw truth about how to blog, what to blog and why you should blog?  Join this presentation to learn all the nitty-gritty details of blogging .  Bring your questions for a fun and entertaining, informative hour.

Topics covered include:

    • Successful parts of a blog.
    • Secrets for more traffic.
    • How to write engaging content.
    • Maximize your social media.
    • Optimize your blog.
    • BONUS – Blog topics to get you started!

Content Marketing for Websites & Social Media 

Good website content is essential to creating a good user experience.  Users need to quickly and easily be able to understand what you're saying on your web pages.  Join Wendy and June from bWyse for a workshop where you'll learn what good content is ... and how to easily create it!  This workshop promised to be fun, interactive and informative.

Topics covered include:

    • How to write offers, advertise events, showcase products
    • Writing for readability and user conversion
    • Writing for Search Engine Optimization
    • Creating a blog publishing calendar
    • Where to find content inspiration
    • and much more!

 Pinterest for Biz - Sell More to Women

Pinterest is the latest social media site to explode in popularity!  It is a virtual bulletin board where you create collections and follow the collections of others. Explore Pinterest and discover how to use it to promote your small business. Leave knowing how to display your products, drive traffic to your website and increase revenues.

Topics covered include:

    • How do I set up my Pinterest page?
    • What Can You Do with Pinterest?
    • So, why should I be on Pinterest?
    • How do I navigate Pinterest?
    • How do I pin something to Pinterest?
    • How do I get started on Pinterest?
    • How do I set up my Pinterest page?
    • What should I pin on Pinterest?
    • and more!

 Email Marketing

Email marketing remains the most effective online marketing way to directly reach your prospects and clients.  What you write and how you design your emails does make a difference!  Join Wendy and June of bWyse to help you explore strategies for improving your open rates, customer engagements and how to grow your contact lists.  Learn how to create professionally designed, effective email marketing campaigns.

Topics covered include:

    • Tools for a more professional email look
    • Contact list growth and segmentation
    • How to leverage social media
    • Email marketing strategy you can implement
    • Different types of email campaigns
    • How to improve sales conversions
    • and more!

 Videos and YouTube

Videos continue to be extremely important on the internet.  Does your business use video effectively on your website?  Do you know how to make quick and easy video blogs?  Have you already created a YouTube channel?  If you're ready to make your website more engaging to your visitors, you'll want to join Wendy and June of bWyse as they outline the strategy and tactics for effective use of video on your website.

Topics covered include:

    • Why Video is so very important
    • How You Can Use Video on Your Site
    • Basic Editing Techniques
    • Basics of YouTube
    • and much, much more!

 Get Found on Local Search (Google & Bing)

Do you have a brick and mortar business and want more foot traffic to come through your doors?  This presentation will teach you important tactics for creating and optimizing your local search profiles that result in getting your listings to the top of local search results.  Over 45% of all Google searches are local searches - and those listed in the #1 position receive between 35% - 50% of the search traffic.  Best yet ... Local Search listing are a FREE service!

Topics covered include:

    • Claim your Local and Places Listings
    • Validate your Local and Places Listings
    • COMPLETELY fill out your profiles
    • Optimize your Local and Places Listings!
    • and much, much more!

 LinkedIn for Biz

Are you using LinkedIn as effectively as you can for your business?  Do you need to know how to create a company page for your business on LinkedIN?  Want to know how to integrate your blog to publish automatically on LinkedIN?  If so, you'll want to join Wendy and June of bWyse to learn how to use LinkedIN as an effective addition to your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Topics covered include:

    • How to generate more leads
    • How to complete your profile
    • Proper ways to promote your biz
    • Recommendations & Endorsements
    • Company page overview
    • and much, much more!

 Grow Your Facebook Fan Base

Do you want more LIKES on your Facebook Business Page?  Want to learn how to create more engagement and interaction among your fans?  Join Wendy and June of bWyse as they outline a strategy for to make your Facebook Fan Page work for your business.

Topics covered include:

    • Tactics and strategies for building your online community and increase your fan base.
    • Interesting and funs ways to engage your fans on a regular basis.
    • Tips for promoting and marketing your Fan Page.
    • and much more!

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