N3 Main Event 4/20/21: Dr. Tony Brooks - Structural Chiropractic

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N3 Main Event 4/20/21: Dr. Tony Brooks - Structural Chiropractic
Written By: June Bachman ~ 4/10/2021 9:00:00 AM

Dr. Tony Brooks was introduced to Structural Correction methods after serving in the 2nd Ranger Battalion at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.  On his last parashoot jump … the shoot didn’t open!  Traditional medicine insisted Dr. Tony would require back surgery to correct herniated disc injuries and chronic pain.  Following his wife’s suggest of considering chiropractic care, Tony was so inspired and motivated by his health outcomes  that he enrolled at the University of Southern California where he received his B.A. in Biological Sciences and where he began his journey of learning the intricacies of Structural Correction Chiropractic. Tony then moved on to the University of Western States in pursuit of his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and where he continued to expand on his knowledge of Structural Correction.


Dr. Tony is the Main Event Speaker at our N3 – No Nonsense Networking meeting. 

Feel free to be our guest!
April 20, 2021 – 7:30 am – 8:45 am
N3 – No Nonsense Networking

Email info@bWyse.com to request link to ZOOM MEETING!





No Nonsense Networking is a business professional networking group in Redmond.  We'd love to meet you and learn more about your business! Face to Face professional business networking remains one of the best ways to continue to grow your business!

No Nonsense Networking is about building relationships that foster business connections.

  • 50% Attendance Standard
  • $50 Annual Fee
  • Professionally Exclusive

Visit the meetup link to determine if there is an opening for your professional industry!


Email info@bWyse.com to request link to ZOOM MEETING!

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Get the Most from Your Keyword Phrases Part 1: Keyword Phrases and How the Search Engines Use Keywords
Written By: June Bachman ~ 4/9/2021 9:00:00 AM


Keyword Phrases and How the Search Engines Use Keywords

Every small business owner wants their website to be found by their potential customers.  Being first on Google or Bing search results may not be your ultimate goal.  However, making it easy for your prospects to find your website should be one of your goals.  Understanding and choosing the best keyword phrases it where you start!

A keyword phrase is two or more words an internet user types into a search engine to find what it is they are seeking.  The search engines use keyword phrases to help match the websites listed in the search results with what they believe the user is trying to find.  Historically, search engine optimizers have focused on finding keywords (and/or keyword phrases) to help websites rank higher in the search engine. 

Over time, however, the search engines have gotten smarter.  In the past we focused on optimizing each web page for one or two keyword phrases.  Today it is important to think in terms of concepts.  The search engines are now able to recognize similar words and phrases, and are no longer just seeking exact matches with your keyword phrases.

A New Way to Think About Keyword Phrases

Over 58% of keywords searched are three words or longer.  This means you should think about your keywords in terms of what is called, “Long-tail Keywords” as opposed to “Broad Keywords”.  A broad keyword would be a single work keyword.  A long-tail keyword phrase would be three or more words long. 

Additionally, taking into consideration how smart the search engines have become, you’ll also want to think of your keyword phrases in terms of concepts and themes.  Think about what synonyms users may think of when searching for the content on your web page.

Remember, Keyword Phrases are tremendously important to your online marketing efforts.  Everything starts with your comprehensive knowledge of what words your potential website visitors and customers will use to find you on the internet.  Keyword Phrases drive your efforts such as:

  • Web page content
  • Blog topics and content
  • Social Media post content
  • Alt tags of the images on your web pages
  • Title and heading tags for each of your web pages
  • File names of your website images
  • Advertising on Facebook or Google

In short … you’re not really ready to begin your Internet Marketing efforts until you have taken the time to research, analyze and organize your keyword phrase strategy.

What’s Yet to Come … Stay Tuned!

Over the next several weeks, our series will explore the process for determining what keyword phrases you should be using to drive as much of the best traffic you can via the search engines to your website.



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FREE WEBINAR - Social Media Masterclass - Post COVID Social Media Strategies
Written By: June Bachman ~ 4/7/2021 9:00:00 AM

 WEDNESDAY - April 14th, 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am


Due to COVID, everyone is spending more time on Social Media.  Small businesses can leverage this opportunity to grow their brand exposure and sales.  Join Wendy and June of bWyse to explore how to invest in relationships, customers and communities using Social Media.  Register to attend our FREE WEBINAR to learn these Social Media marketing strategies that produce results!

At the end of our edutainment webinar you will:

  • Learn how to keep your audience engaged.
  • Understand what content works.
  • How to use social shopping strategies.
  • To establish trust with your customers.
  • and much, much more!

Social Media will CHANGE the way you market to your clients
A Social Media strategy is a great way to promote your small business and your products!

Discover how to change your marketing approach with a social media strategy. Understand the many social media platforms and learn a structure to be able to successfully incorporate social media into your business plan. Leave this fun, hands-on course with a strategy you can implement right away!


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