Do Business Cards Remain Relevant Today?


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Do Business Cards Remain Relevant Today?
Written By: June M Bachman ~ 1/8/2020 9:00:00 AM


Although today most businesses rely heavily on digital forms of marketing, business cards remain every bit as important. Even though you can probably find anyone you need via LinkedIn, there is still something pleasing and meaningful with holding a business card … not to mention it is simply a physical reminder of you and your business.

Reasons Why You Still Need Your Business Cards

Great First Impression with a Personal Touch
Sharing your business card is about creating a great, memorable first impression. Due to how many ways we connect electronically today, making an effort to connect with other business professionals in a face-to-face manner is nearly a lost art. Doing this well will make you stand out!

Remain a Great Marketing and Promotion Tool
You can include more than just your contact information on your business card. Think about including some of your services or products on your business card. Additionally, face-to-face networking is a terrific marketing tool. At these networking events, the easiest way to be remembered is to share your business card. Remember not only do creative cards get shared … creatively designed cards are hung on to and continue to sit on peoples’ desks.

Provide Legitimacy and Credibility
Our customers buy from those they know, like and trust. Having a business card helps you build that trust with your potential customers. A professional business card tells potential customers that you are trustworthy and run a reliable business.

Business cards today, remain the fastest, and easiest way to share your business contact information with others. You should definitely have a professional business card to hand out in appropriate situations. Additionally, we recommend working your networking and meetup events to collect business cards from the colleagues you meet. And, when you return to the office, digitize the contact information in both your business contacts, as well as your business email marketing list.



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