Multi-part eCommerce Marketing Series: Part 1 Improve Your Website


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Multi-part eCommerce Marketing Series: Part 1 Improve Your Website
Written By: June Bachman ~ 10/4/2019 9:00:00 AM


Our next series is geared towards the efforts you can make to improve your eCommerce online sales. Follow these tips to not only improve your website visitors' experiences, but also gain more online sales!

Create Original Content

Don’t be like so many other eCommerce companies that scrape product descriptions from manufacturer sites. Write your own product descriptions … be creative and make them interesting to read.
Don’t limit yourself to just the written text on your website. Make original videos, write your own blogs, and create interesting and unique images as well.

Duh! Check Your Checkout Process

This one seems straight forward … however, we’ve met many a business owner that hasn’t made a complete purchase on their own website. Check it out … pun intended … and have your friends and family order something as well. You want to ensure your checkout process is easy, makes sense and is a few steps as possible.

Make Sure Your eCommerce Website is Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive websites are designed to work on ALL devices – PCs, laptops, surfaces, iPads, and all variety of smart phones. Then check to see how your user experiences your eCommerce website on as many different devices as you can.

Build A Comprehensive FAQ Page

FAQ pages are rapidly making a comeback. With the use of voice commands, and functions such as Alexa, Bixby, Siri and Cortanna, users are searching by asking questions in a more natural use of language. Having a great FAQ page is another way that your customers and prospects will be able to find your eCommerce website.

Remind Visitors About Their Wishlists

From time to time, send an email to remind your customers there are items in their wishlists. This is a great way to encourage your customers to return to your eCommerce website to complete their purchase.
You can also run a contest … such as “Win Your Wishlist” to encourage your customers to use the wishlist functionality … and share their wishlist with their friends and family.

Make Informed Buying Decisions Easy for Your Customers

Be sure to think of everything your customers may need in order to make the choice to purchase from your eCommerce website. Policies such as shipping, returns, terms & conditions should be easy to find, and easy for your customers to read. Also, include a contact page that makes it really easy for your customers to ask questions.

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