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Everyone is a Cop in Delhi, India.
Written By: June ~ 8/9/2010

The traffic police in Delhi, India launched a Facebook page to crack down on bad drivers.  When a driver sees someone breaking the traffic laws, they can take a photo of the violation and upload it to the Facebook page.  The police review the photos and will track down the violators to write them tickets.

The initial intent of the Facebook page was not to upload pictures of lawless drivers, but rather to provide a forum where people could express their views and suggest changes.  However, with only 5000 traffic officers in a city of 12 million people, the traffic police welcome the reports that are being made via the Facebook page.

 You can visit the page at:!/pages/New-Delhi-India/Delhi-Traffic-Police/117817371573308?v=wall&ref=search&__a=3&ajaxpipe=1 There are over 19,000 fans!

Using the photos and videos uploaded to the Facebook page, the Delhi Traffic Police have issued 665 tickets.  In general, the public’s response has been extremely positive.  And it is interesting to note that nearly 50 of the tickets issued were given to police officers who were breaking the traffic rules!

 The police commission offered advice as well … “Don’t take the photo while you are driving … using a cell phone camera while driving, is itself a violation.”

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