Now You Can Identify Your Dog or Cat Breed and MORE with Google Photo App


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Now You Can Identify Your Dog or Cat Breed and MORE with Google Photo App
Written By: June Bachman ~ 12/12/2018 9:00:00 AM


BWYSEBLOG_GooglePhotosAppDog_AppResults.jpgGoogle Photos is an app that uses a machine learning system. The application has been available since April on Google smartphones. However, it is now available for iPhone users as well. The Google photos app uses a feature call Google Lens – to search Google’s enormous amount of data to identify information from the photograph to provide additional, useful information. For example, take a photo of the menu the next time you’re in Mexico, and use Google Lens to translate the text into English for you.

Downloading the Google Photo app will allow the camera on your phone to identify the following;

  • Dog breeds
  • Scan business cards and create a new contact
  • Translate foreign languages
  • Learn about famous building and/or monuments
  • Learn more about a book title

How it Works

  • Open your Google Photos app
  • Select the image – dog, cat, building, book, etc
  • Select the Google Lens icon to view additional information
  • See the additional information Google provides


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