Turn Your Facebook Cover Image into a VIDEO!


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Turn Your Facebook Cover Image into a VIDEO!
Written By: June Bachman ~ 11/16/2018 9:00:00 AM

Last year, Facebook added a new feature to enhance your cover images … VIDEO! To check out an example of a cover video visit the bWyse Facebook page!

Facebook’s goal is to make your business page more engaging and interactive for your users. Adding a video cover helps you spotlight your content and drive more action from your Facebook visitors.

You will be able to upload a video, in the same manner that you upload a new cover image. The video plays automatically, and the user will be able to turn on the muted sound if/as desired.

Your Cover Video should be at least 820 pixels by 312 pixels in order to fit into the cover image of your Facebook page; but the recommended size is 820 pixels by 462 pixels. The video must be between 20 and 90 seconds long. The video will be looped for continuous play. The video format should be MP4.

If you would like to have a cover video made for your Facebook page, just give Wendy a call!

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