Google My Business Changes Services Areas: What You Need to Know


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Google My Business Changes Services Areas: What You Need to Know
Written By: June Bachman ~ 11/9/2018 9:00:00 AM


Many of you who have attended Wendy’s FREE Workshops have learned the importance of your local business listings, especially your Google My Business listing. One of the features that determine your listing being displayed on the first page of Google is the address of your business. Historically, Google has allowed two ways to display your location:

  • Displaying your address
    • This was used for brick and mortar businesses where customers came to your location.
  • Defining a service area
    • This was used for businesses who operated within a service area, and typically go to their customer’s location to perform services.

Previously, many businesses would define a service area by entering in their address into their Google My Business listing. Then they would define a service area by choosing a distance radius, such as 10 miles, from their business address.

NOW, Google no longer allows businesses to define a service area as a distance from your business address. If you defined your Google My Business listing using this service area, you can no longer edit this radius. Service areas are now defined by regions, cities or zip codes.

With this new change, you will be able to enter your address by:

  • Entering your address – and having it be displayed
  • Entering a service area – not displaying your business address
  • Entering both your address and defining a service area

Since there are now two different fields for updating the “address” and “service area”, you are able to leave the address field completely blank. This will make many home based businesses feel more at ease, because they are no longer required to add their specific address into their Google My Business listing.

As always … if you would like some help figuring out how this new change may affect your listing … just call or email Wendy!



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