Upcoming Major Google Updates: Part 3 - Mobile First Index


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Upcoming Major Google Updates: Part 3 - Mobile First Index
Written By: June Bachman ~ 4/13/2018 9:00:00 AM


Google is implementing three major updates that have been in the works for a while now. These updates will have serious impacts on the ranking of your website. Get prepared NOW … so you won’t fall victim to the impacts from these major changes.

This 3-Part Series will address the major changes coming from Google this summer!

Part 1 – Host Your Website in a Secured Environment!

Part 2 – Mobile Page Speed Ranking Factor

Part 3 – Mobile First Index

The third major Google update to occur this summer is the Mobile First Index.  Traditionally, the Google Search Engine has primarily indexed the PC version of your website.  This means that Google applies its hundreds of ranking variables to the PC version of your website to determine how high your pages should be ranked in the search results pages.  Mobile First … means just that.  In the new index, Google will be applying the ranking factors to the mobile version of your website.  

It's Easy to Get Things Confused …

Mobile Friendly – means a website that shows the same page content on every device, just at a different scale.

Mobile Responsive – means a website presents the page content differently based upon the screen size of the device it is being loaded on. This can include changing the page, removing certain elements, and making some items larger on a page.

Mobile First – means a website that is designed and built for small screens and adjusts to also display well on desktop browsers. Both responsive and mobile first websites display content differently based on the device used to view the website.

Mobile first is not a mobile-ONLY index. For example, if your website doesn’t have a mobile version, the desktop may be included in the index. However, it will definitely be ranked below those sites that do have mobile versions. This means in the future the mobile version of your website will be the primary version of your website. Those websites that are built using mobile responsive code will be ok, since there is just one set of code that renders that same website, regardless of the device used to view the website.

What Should You Do?

  • Ensure your website is built using mobile responsive code.
  • Double check your mobile page speed and load times are fast.

If you are unsure if your site is prepared for the Google Mobile First requirement, contact bWyse, we can help you sort out any updates you may need to make.

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