Is Your Website Mobile Ready? If Not, NOW is the Time to Update!


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Is Your Website Mobile Ready? If Not, NOW is the Time to Update!
Written By: June Bachman ~ 3/9/2018 9:00:00 AM

BWYSEBLOG_MobileSearchEngineGoogle.jpgGoogle has been experimenting to make the search engine ranking index “mobile-first”.  This means the algorithms that determine how a website is ranked will eventually use only the mobile version of a website to determine the website’s ranking.  As opposed to how it is currently determined; by using the PC version of the website to determine ranking.

In short this means, if your website is NOT built to support mobile devices, your site may not even be listed, let alone ranked in the google search index at all.

Websites that are built using mobile responsive code are in the best position.  A mobile responsive website dynamically changes the content displayed depending on the device used to view the website.  This is the standard that Google recommends be used to build your website.  Additionally, Google actually provides a “ranking boost” to sites that are built mobile-friendly.

Recommendations to Ensure Your Site Remains Indexed

  • Rebuild your website using mobile-responsive code.
  • Use Structured Markup Data in your code.  This one is a bit technical, so we encourage you to touch base with your web developer to ensure they are coding your site using structured markup data.
  • Double check that your robots.txt file allows Google to index your site.  Believe it or not, at least once each month, Wendy and I analyze a website that has actually told Google, “No, don’t include me in your index.”  It always shocks us to see this.  However, often times low cost website template tools need to be configured by the web designer to fix these little mistakes that have a tremendously adverse impact.
  • Make sure your mobile website is verified in your Google Search Console.

This update is a big deal.  The good news is that Google is still in the testing phase of the change.  Subsequently it gives you plenty of time to ensure your website is updated and mobile ready prior to the release of the new search engine.

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