So, What Did Washingtonians Google the Most During 2017?


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So, What Did Washingtonians Google the Most During 2017?
Written By: June Bachman ~ 1/6/2018 9:00:00 AM


What do you think were the most popular google searches for those of us who live in Washington State during the past year?  When I thought about this … I expected to see topics that included such things as:

  • The X-Files Reboot – the TV show on FOX
  • Cam Newton Tantrum
  • Gravitational Wave
  • Man In Tree
  • Obama in Hiroshima
  • Ernestine Anderson – Jazz/Blues singer
  • Sad Ben Affleck

After all, the above topics were some of the most popular terms searched in general during 2017.  However, Washington State stacks up a bit differently.  Here is a list of the most popular searches conducted by Washingtonians during 2017:

  • Unicorn Frappuccino
  • Chris Pratt Anna Faris divorce
  • Shohei Otani (Japanese baseball player)
  • Westminster Bridge attack
  • Daniel-Day Lewis retires
  • Trump approval rating
  • white supremacy
  • Mogadishu blast
  • Vault 7 WikiLeaks

I don’t know about you … but I don’t recall searching for any of those topics at all!  I guess it could be worse … we could be like Utah, where the number one search term was Wonder Woman!

Happy New Year!

PS - You can view what were the most popular searches for all of the states were last year, by visiting the Estately Blog.



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