Start the Year off Right - Quick Website Content Audit


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Start the Year off Right - Quick Website Content Audit
Written By: June Bachman ~ 1/3/2018 9:00:00 AM

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How long has it been since you’ve taken a look at the content on your website?  For a lot of business owners you may not have taken the time to read through your website since you had it built.  Outdated information can leave an impression with website visitors that you aren’t paying enough attention to the details … and may adversely affect the trust levels you’re trying to gain in the first place!

Go through your website using the following checklist.  Create a list of tasks to provide to your website designer so they can make the necessary updates.  Start the year off right by creating the best first impression you can – and you will increase your ability to establish trust with your website visitors.

Copyright Date, Privacy Statement, Terms & Conditions

Make sure your copyright date shows the current year.  You might not think this is important, but trust me, people notice.  Old copyright dates make it look like you aren’t updating your website content on a regular basis.  Also check your privacy policy and terms of condition pages to make sure the content is still timely and accurate.

Your Home Page

Make sure your home page content is current and accurate.  Are you displaying old offers and specials?  Has it been a long time since you’ve updated your images?  Often times your home page will truly be your best opportunity to make a great first impression.  Can someone look at your home page and in less than three seconds, know exactly what you do?

Your About, Team, Bio Page

How long has it been since you’ve updated the content about you and your business?  Did you say you’ve been in business for five years … eight years ago?  Are your team member’s bios up to date?  Are the photos still showing poofy hair from the eighties?  Refreshing the content and images to accurately reflect who you, your team and your business are is another important step to creating trust with your website visitors.

Contact Page

Double check to make sure all phone numbers, fax numbers and email address are correct and working.  When was the last time you checked your contact form to make sure it works, and the submission is sent to the correct email?  Do you even know who’s email receives your contact form submissions?

Social Media Icons

Are all of your social media icons working and directing users to your appropriate social media accounts?  When you click on these icons, do the social sites open in a new window, or do users leave your website?  Do you have old social media icons on your site that are directing users to social platforms you no longer use or update on a regular basis.  If so, clean it up, and remove old social media icons.

Domain Registration

This is a big one to check each year.  Rare is the customer who knows not only who their domain registrar is, but also know the username and password to their domain.  Your domain name is the key to your website castle … it is the most important piece of information of which you must keep track.

You website is a fantastic tool, and a terrific opportunity to make a great first impression.  You’ve taken the time, and invested the money to have this phenomenal tool as part of your marketing strategy … Don’t lose out by failing to make the effort to keep it refreshed and up to date!

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