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Build More Links
Written By: June Bachman ~ 12/9/2009

One of the best ways to increase your website’s ranking on search engines is by having more inbound links to your website.  An inbound link is when there is a link TO your website from another website. 


A great link building strategy has two major components:

1.      Create great content to which others will WANT to link.

2.      Raise awareness of your fabulous content.


First and foremost, great content is more than just the text on the webpage.  Challenge yourself to think outside of the box … consider videos, audio posts, images, tools or calculators.  Seek to develop content that your users will find engaging.


Look for new sources of inspiration.  For example, look outside of your industry.  If you build widgets … don’t look to the other widget makers to see what they are doing.  Instead look to other industries … restaurants, medicine, interior designers.  It doesn’t matter what industries you choose … just as long as it is outside of your industry.  Be inspired to take an idea from another industry an incorporate it into your website.


Another source of inspiration is searching FAQs, or questions/answers type websites (such as Yahoo! Answers).  Search on topics that you believe your niche market would find interesting.  What questions are they asking?  Use this inspiration to add fabulous content to your website.


After you’ve improve the quality of your website content, you’re ready to promote it.  After all, what good is great content if no one knows about it?  One of the best ways to promote your website is by becoming more involved in forums, questions/answers websites, commenting on the blogs of others, and of course social media websites.  Your goal is NOT to spam these sites, but rather become genuinely involved.  Seek to build your expert reputation and truly offer valuable information and insight.  Often times you can include appropriate links back to the content on your website.


Over time, as your reputation builds, visitors will find your fabulous content … and you!

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