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Low Tech Ways to Expand Your Email List
Written By: June Bachman ~ 10/27/2009

Email blasts are a fantastic way to stay in touch with your prospect and customer base.  Growing your list is a fabulous way to be able to send updated content, special offers and other incentive to your contact database.  Remember, there are many techniques offline that you can use to grow your contact database.


Your store receipt – How many times each day do you hand a pen to your customer and ask them to sign their credit card receipt?  Why not take an extra moment to ask them to include their email address.  Be sure to let them know this is the best way to stay informed about sales and other special offers.


A guest book -- If you have a business that receives a lot of foot traffic, consider adding a guest book.  Or, at your next tradeshow booth – add a guest book.  A guest book is a terrific way to collect information about your prospects and customers.  The information collected could be used to send thank you cards, or email a special offer.


A fish bowl – Place a fishbowl next to your cash register to collect business cards.  Offer a small incentive for participating.  Restaurants do this often and offer a free lunch drawing each week or month.


With all of these techniques, be sure to include information regarding how you intend to use their information.  Be sure to spell out the benefits of receiving updates and other “insider” information.


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