RoboCalls . . . Unfair Business Practices


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RoboCalls . . . Unfair Business Practices
Written By: June Bachman ~ 10/14/2017 9:00:00 AM

When you receive a phone call and it is a recording, instead of a live person on the other end of the call, it is a RoboCall. Internet-based phone systems make it extremely cheap for scammers to not only make illegal calls from all over the world, but to also hide or fake caller IDs. Wendy and I know that you agree over the past few years the number of these intrusive calls we receive each day are ever-increasing! Seriously, just how many times a day does “Sharon – my Google representative” really need to call me?! 

Additionally, more and more businesses are also using auto dialers as part of their telemarketing efforts.  Auto dialers are a computer that auto dials the phone.  These systems can place thousands of calls each day.  And, since is it a computer program, the caller ID information can be easily faked.

Wendy and I have encountered a national competitor using the fake ID illegal practice (HiBu) … and believe it or not … we’ve also caught the Better Business Bureau using the same practice!! We’ve not only told the BBB about their unfair business practice, but we’ve also sent letters. Believe it or not … they haven’t yet changed the practice – and we still are receiving their faked ID robocalls.

Here’s how HiBu is faking their calls …

The caller ID is from Tila Mortgage … a REAL company in Bellevue, Washington. Even though HiBu says they are calling from Cedar Rapids, Iowa … when Wendy asks them. Also the number they are using is for a REAL person who lives in Renton, Washington. They are doing this so the number displayed on the caller ID shows a local area code. When Wendy called out the HiBu representative about the mis-representation, they stated, “Yeah, we do this on purpose so you will answer the phone.” CRAZY … if your business is willing to act unethically to get me on the phone … why on earth would you think I would be willing to do business with your business?? Stop wasting my time (and your time) and call an actual interested, potential prospect … and stop calling me!!






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