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Finding the RIGHT keyword phrases
Written By: June Bachman ~ 10/5/2009

Wendy and I are constantly reminding our clients that one of the most important parts of their website is the content they write.  Search engines LOVE content ... and lots of if.  However, the place to start, when writing your content is with your keyword phrases.  Beginning with some keyword phrases research and analysis can create a power punch for the search engines.

Your goal should be to not only rank your webpages high with the search engines for many keyword phrases, but more importantly for keyword phrases that are searched often and offer high rates of conversion.

Tips to consider when you are researching your keyword phrases include:

  • Think about your niche market ... what keyword phrases might they use to find your product or services?
  • Don't be afraid to use long keyword phrases ... Select a general keyword phrases and pair it with more specific terms, and/or geographic terms.
  • Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool - to generate related keyword phrases you may not have thought of.

By taking some time before you start writing your content, you will be able to incorporate strong keyword phrases, that offer conversion!



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