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Be Ruthless and Unassuming
Written By: Teresa Mitchell, Wendy Ogryzek and June Bachman ~ 8/11/2009

Sometimes you need a big hammer to get your point across. Well, consider this article our big hammer! The following are the essentials to optimizing a page of your website. We used one client’s before and after look and feel as our visual hammer. There is such a stark contrast, we believe you will see how ruthlessly you too can apply the information that follows to quickly optimize one page of your website, today!


Unmistakably Clear Call to Action

A call to action is a short, concise statement that tells your visitor what action you want them to take on this page.


  • Site visitors know what action to take next.
  • Amongst the page’s visual clutter, site visitors will find and heed our call to action.

Be Ruthless and Unassuming:

  • Write one bold, assertive call to action, using the fewest possible words.
  • Call to action satisfies the page’s objective.
  • Discard excess calls to action.
  • Ruthlessly declutter the page.


In 7 seconds of real time your page elements need to convince site visitors to do what you want them to do.


  • Site visitors read every word of every paragraph.
  • Site visitors go to every page of my website.
  • Site visitors linger on my site.
  • Site visitors will scroll down to find what they are looking for.
  • Search engine spiders will know what the page is about without keyword density.

Be Ruthless and Unassuming:

  • Strategically position core elements, those that succinctly convey your core messages above the fold.
  • Use concise, bulleted statements.
  • Create a visual hierarchy with headers, bold text, bulleted statements.
  • Ruthlessly edit every unnecessary word out of every statement.


Minimal Elements

Neon, flashing blue lights and too many choices assault your visitor experience.


  • Lots of information is better.
  • Attention grabbing elements hold a visitor’s interest.
  • Site visitors will find what they are looking for in spite of the brutal visual assault unnecessary page elements inflicts upon them.

Be Ruthless and Unassuming:

  • Eliminate every element that competes with your call to action.
  • Include only those images supportive of or those illustrative of your call to action.
  • Ruthlessly surround your call to action with "whitespace."

Build Trust

The core objective of every page element is to convey your trustworthiness.


  • Site visitors will see that my site is secure when they go to my online store to shop.
  • Nationally recognized brands aren’t seen as more trustworthy than the brand of my small business.
  • Site visitors will intuitively know that I have integrity.
  • Site visitors will call me even though my contact information is only found on my “Contact” page.
  • Site visitors read every word to come to know who I am, what I do and where I do it.

Be Ruthless and Unassuming:

  • Prominently display: testimonials, endorsements, secure site symbols, navigation to policies and guarantees, nationally recognized supplier brands.
  • Include your contact information on every page of your website, above the fold.
  • Ruthlessly deliver what the user expects to find on the page, the trustworthy professional you think you are.


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