BEWARE: Protect Yourself From Ransomware - It Can Really Happen to You!


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BEWARE: Protect Yourself From Ransomware - It Can Really Happen to You!
Written By: June Bachman ~ 6/17/2017 9:00:00 AM


Cerber is a ransomware malware that will encrypt all of the file types on your computer – making it impossible to open any document, photo, etc.

After Cerber has infiltrated your computer and encrypted all of your files, a demand ransom payment message appears on your computer desktop.  They typically demand payment within a short timeframe, or the ransom amount will be doubled. 

One of our clients recently experienced this Cerber Ransomware infiltration.  The payment demand was for 650 bitcoins, and equivilant of over 1.7 million dollars!  We’ve heard of ransom amounts being as low as $699 as well.

Unfortunately, there aren’t tools capable of decrypting files affected by the Cerber ransomware malware.  Therefore, the only solution to this problem is to restore your system from a backup.  We would recommend flattening and rebuild the computer first, then restoring your data files from your backup system.

As you can see, the importance of your backup system is even more important than ever before.  Make sure you are backing up ALL of your important files, documents, photos, emails, etc.  And, be sure to check the restoration of your backup files from time to time.

Please note, the primary manner in which this ransom malware infects your computer is when you open an email attachment.  Please be extremely careful NOT to open attachments unless you know the attachment is clean.  We also recommend installing a very strong anti-virus/anti-malware software that will also check all incoming emails for malware and viruses.


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