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Interesting Information Straight from Google
Written By: June Bachman ~ 4/16/2017

BWYSEBLOG_PulseOfGoogle.jpgFirst and foremost … Google has been talking about the new search index engine they are building for several months now.  Basically, the new engine is mobile first.  This means if your website is NOT mobile friendly, it will NOT even be included in this index.  Google has announced this new engine will be released after June 2017.  So there is still time to get your website rebuilt! 

The new Google mobile first index will include mobile page speed as a ranking factor in the new engine.  It is now becoming even more important that your website pages load quickly.  A good rule of thumb is less than 2.2 seconds.  Long gone are the days when you would click to load a web page on AOL, go grab a cup of coffee, and return to watch the page finish loading!

If you’re not sure whether or not your website is ready for Google’s new mobile first search engine, give Wendy and call and ask us to analyze your site for you (for FREE)!  We’ll even meet you for coffee to review the results!

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