An Overview about Google's Micro-moments


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An Overview about Google's Micro-moments
Written By: June Bachman ~ 7/23/2016 9:00:00 AM

The mobile experience has dramatically changed forever, the way consumers interact with businesses and brands.  Several times a day people grab their mobile device to find information on the fly.  Google coined the phrase micro-moments to describe the moments when consumers act on their immediate need.

Micro-moments are defined as the moments when a consumer needs the following:

Want to Know – when consumers are exploring or researching

Want to Go – when consumers are looking for a local business nearby

Want to Do – when consumers want help with a task, or find something new

Want to Buy – when consumers are ready to buy, or need help with what or how to buy


Does your online marketing strategy meet your customers' micro-moments?  As a business you possess a unique opportunity to influence each of your customers' micro-moments.  From simply providing answers to questions, to making it really easy to make purchases online, using micro-moments is yet another great way to provide relevant and useful experiences for your website visitors.

Step One:  Anticipate how to show up.  Determine your customers' micro-moments. 

Step Two: Create meaningful and useful content for your customers.  Use your online marketing strategy to create content, features and functions to meet those micro-moment needs.

Step Three: Integrate your products and services with your customers' needs.  Ensure your content easily and successfully guides your customers to quickly find the answers and results they seek.  Even though mobile is the focus, be sure to establish smooth customer experiences across all devices.

If you are in the process of reviewing your website content, now is the perfect time to learn more about micro-moments.  Using this strategy for how you not only present information to your customers, but also guide them through your buying process, will improve your customer interaction, and ultimately increase your sales.


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