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Squeeze More Hours Out of Your Day
Written By: June Bachman ~ 7/15/2016 9:00:00 AM

BWYSEBLOG_N3_Logo_revA_meetup.jpgEach week, during our networking meeting, a professional development question is posed.  Admittedly, this is everyone’s favorite part of the meeting.  It’s a chance for us to pull from the combined intellect and experience of about twenty entrepreneurial professionals.  You may not leave the meeting with a new lead or referral each week, but you’ll definitely garner a new idea or two!

This week the question proposed was, “How do you free up more time, in your already busy, busy day?”  This is a simply fabulous question that is a typical challenge for all small business owners.

The following is the outcome of our short discussion:

  • Hire it out …. One member just gained six hours each week by hiring out personal daily chores, such as meal preparation, lawn mowing and office cleaning.  It’s good to remember your time is valuable, and if the time your spending isn’t generating revenue for your small business … it may be more cost effective to hire someone else to complete small tasks and chores.
  • Vacation … another member suggested he was incredibly more productive when he sends his wife and kids on vacation!  (LOL)
  • Prioritize … Yet another member suggested signing up for darrendaily.com – a daily inspiration email or text that helps improve your effectiveness.  That day, the text was about reviewing your priorities, and ensuring your daily efforts were in alignment with those priorities.  What’s important to you?  And, if it isn’t in alignment, know that it is ok to tell someone, “Nope – ‘can’t do that.”
  • Purge … Another member reminded us all of the importance of purging.  Purging both our physical surroundings, as well as our task lists.  What three things are you doing that don’t directly support your revenue goals?  Get rid of them!  Clean your office/desk … ask yourself, “Do I love it?”  If not … give it away to someone who will.  You need to make space for new things to have room to come to you!

What things do you do each day, to keep you on task and moving forward?  Leave your comments and let us know… we’d love to hear from you!

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