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Honey Bees are Busy Buzzing, Are YOU?
Written By: Teresa Mitchell, Wendy Ogryzek and June Bachman ~ 5/11/2009

It’s S P R I N G!!  Flowers are blooming, birds are tweeting, and bees are buzzing.  The question at hand is … ARE YOU?  Short and sweet … you need to be out and about creating your own buzz.  This month’s newsletter is a collection of inspiration and ideas to help you create some great buzz.

Bee Networking
Get the hive swarming around you!  Networking is about being social and getting out there to meet new people.  Like the worker Bee, it's about building relationships by contributing more than you consume.

  • Bee Busy!   Join Biznik, attend an event, plan an event, share your expertise.
  • BNI – Attend a BNI Visitor’s Day – there are many being hosted this month.
  • Bee a Community Educator -- Most community colleges have a community education program.  Investigate what it takes to teach a Saturday workshop about what you do best.
  • Bee Passionate -- Remember to smile and do so often!
  • Bee Thoughtful -- Collect the most valuable business cards, extend yourself and make a connection!  Then take the second step to building a lasting relationship with a valuable asset: send a personalized thank-you card.
  • Bee a Listener -- Listen actively, you are about to learn something of value!
  • Bee Engaging -- Learn how to ask thoughtful questions and use that skill to engage others.  Get them talking about themselves to determine the potential value of building a relationship.

Bee Visible!
We just can't say it better than Tom Peters, "But what, in these times, is the alternative to trying?"  Shore up your marketing plan and put it to work.  Take every step you can, today, with what you have in front of you to increase your marketing efforts.

  • Bee Newsworthy – Do things that are interesting and exciting … and tell other’s about it.
  • Bee Marketing -- Monitor, tweak, monitor, tweak.  Repeat until you discover what really drives results to make honey.
  • Bee Concise --  Condense who your business is and what you do and what problems you solve into sentences you can confidently recite in the time it takes to walk into an elevator at ground level and ride to the fourth floor of the Smith Tower.
  • Bee Focused -- These times necessitate short term marketing efforts while staying focused on the long term strategy to drive sustained growth.

Bee Social
Social networking is about creating an awareness that you and your expertise exist.  To create or expand your brand, you first have to get noticed!  By 2010 over 50% of all adults will be participating in social networking (currently 35% participate).  This is where your prospects, community members and clients are spending their time. 

  • Bee Blogging – The first place to begin your social networking strategy is with a blog.  A blog is the perfect platform to share your expertise with others, while building and expanding a community where the exchange of ideas can easily take place.
  • Bee on Facebook –Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networking mediums.  You need to be a part of this growth … your clients have already joined.
  • Bee Twittering – Twitter is an amazing distribution channel to share your ideas and expertise.  The majority of tweeters are over 35 years old, many fitting the 45 – 54 year age group. 
  • Bee You on the Tube -- YouTube – The integration of interactivity and the internet is here to stay.  Figure out a way to incorporate video into your website. 

Bee Charitable
To be truly charitable, you must first be grateful for the opportunities you were given.  Define what you are truly grateful for.  Knowledge? Skill?  Experience? 

  • Give something away, your time or materials or both to enhance the life of someone else. 
  • Recruit a team, write a press release about what you are doing and why you are doing it. 
  • Be the spokesperson for, generate a buzz in your community for your chosen cause.  Pave a road to making a difference. 

Bee Different
Here's a way to generate buzz with a different pitch: write a testimonial about your favorite clients. 

  • How did they make a difference in your life? 
  • What did you learn from them? 
  • How did they exceed your expectations? 
  • How did they help you help them? 
  • Define who they are and you will be able to recognize those values and traits in new prospects!

Bumble Bee
Bees don't bumble through their day without a flight plan.  They know exactly what they need to do to pollinate flowers and trees and make enough honey to keep the Queen Bee happy.

  • Get busy, make a plan and make some honey!

Bee a wise bee and tap into your hive for help and support!

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