Does Google follow the links I post to my Google+ business page?


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Does Google follow the links I post to my Google+ business page?
Written By: June Bachman ~ 1/8/2016 9:00:00 AM

QUESTION:  How do I make sure Google will follow my links that I post to my business Google+ page?

ANSWER:  The short answer is to embed the link directly within your post (as opposed to using the link button).

Backlinks are defined as links on someone else’s website that when clicked, direct the user to your website.  Backlinks are an extremely important variable when it comes to search engine optimization.  The more links you have, the better the quality of links you have, and even the quality of the page that contains the link to your website are all considered when determining the value of the link – and how much it will help your site.

You can create quality backlinks to your website using your Google+ business page.  The next time you post a status update to your Google+ page, be sure to embed the link directly into the status post box.  See the example:


You can also post a link by selecting the LINK button at the bottom of the status post box.  However, if you use the link button, Google will not provide a backlink to your site.


 BONUS!  Your posts to Google+ are indexed by Google and listed in the search results … IMMEDIATELY, I might ad.


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