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Green Business
Written By: Teresa Mitchell, June Bachman and Wendy Ogryzek ~ 3/9/2009

St. Patrick's Day inspired us to think of a few ways the color green shows up in business. We can create "greener pastures" by exploring green-based clichés from a fresh “business” perspective.

Green horn: Although greenhorns have drive, passion and the ability to overcome fear (a version of the green-eyed monster) they have little or no experience. It's all new! Greenhorns, who fail quickly and pocket the lesson, move on to greener pastures. Greenhorns also know that in the real world animals shed their horns.

· Expedite shedding your horns. Learn all you can. Pocket lessons.
· Find the seasoned veterans of your industry and study the steps they took to shed their horns.
· Become the trend setter in your industry. Find trends, write about trends, set trends.

Green with Envy: Don’t waste emotional energy feeling envious of your competitor’s success. Instead, let it be a source of inspiration to do what you do, better, faster, smarter, more efficiently than your competition. Turn envy into a competitive advantage.

· Update the look and feel of your website.
· Create new marketing materials.
· Build a prospect database.
· Diversify your products / services.
· Discover an un-serviced niche market.

Green Eyed Monster: Is the main character of your nightmare a green-eyed monster? Get over it, it's in your head. Face your green-eyed monster head-on, move through your fear. Don’t let fear drive you away from your dreams.

· Fear of networking? go to, attend a chamber networking event, visit a BNI chapter.
· Fear of failing? Read Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.
· Fear of public speaking? Join Toastmasters, call Sandy at Improv-ableRusults
· Fear of writing content for your website? Start writing, and find a good editor.
· Fear of updating your website? ask your web designer about a tool to make changes yourself . . . if they don’t have one for you, then call bWyse!

Green Business: We are all going green, consciously or not. The internet changed the way we gather information, spend our resources, interact with our network and reach our target market. Two examples illustrate how the green movement influences marketing in today’s world.

Traditional methods of advertising and marketing are being rapidly replaced by newer “green” internet opportunities. Consider, for a moment, the newspaper publishing industry. As advertisers move their marketing dollars away from newspapers and to the internet, revenue and subsequently the number of subscribers shrink. It is extremely important to be aware of how new advertising and marketing opportunities may help (or hurt) your marketing efforts.

Another example that demonstrates how the green movement may influence your business is Toyota’s efforts to introduce hybrid vehicles to the marketplace. Although General Motors initially snubbed their noses at Toyota's Prius, like the old and dear cartoon character Hardy Har Har, “OOOooooh Lippy, it’ll never work!” They critically overlooked that many consumers would be willing to pay a lot of money for an ugly car . . . to do the right thing. This specific green movement example reminds us that it is of critical importance to be first to market. Doing so forces your competition to play catch up: to devote time, money, resources and effort to gain market share. How will the green movement influence your business?

· eMarketing: convert traditional mailings into electronic / email communications (Read: invest in a bulk email system such as the bWyse YettieMail).
· Carbon Footprint Reduction: buy a hybrid?
· Recycle and Reuse:
· Find the niche opening: keep your eyes open for new “green” product and service ideas.
· Update your brand: Include your commitment to green.

Grass is Always Greener: Horses have mastered the lesson of this saying. To a bored horse the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Typically, they are looking for a challenge and will stretch and contort their bodies into yoga-like positions to reach a single blade of grass. What's on the other side of your fence that will inspire you to stretch and contort your intellect, imagination and business resources to reach one blade of green grass?

· New products and services?
· Expanded vision?

Greener Pastures: The determinants to greener pastures, literally, are water, nutrients and soil temperatures. The same is true for your business insofar as your business needs creativity, resources and a positive attitude to grow, so you can harvest the benefits of your efforts. How will you cultivate greener pastures for your business to grow more greenbacks?

"Why on God's green earth" aren’t each of us taking every step we can to:

· Shed our green horns.
· Turn the green hue of envy into a competitive advantage.
· Overcome the fear of the green-eyed monster and realize our dreams.
· Turn our businesses green by reducing our carbon footprint.
· Stretch for greener grass on the other side of the fence.
· Drive more greenbacks into our businesses, while growing greener pastures.



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