Google Local Search Results Now Only Display 3 Listings (Not 7 Listings)


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Google Local Search Results Now Only Display 3 Listings (Not 7 Listings)
Written By: June Bachman ~ 8/13/2015 9:00:00 AM

BWYSEBLOG_NewGoogleResults.jpgGoogle used to list 7 local search results on the search engine results page.  Now, in an attempt to align local search results with their mobile search results, only 3 listings will be listed.

This is a big deal for many businesses because Google used to display the top 7 local results.  This will make the top 3 placements even more desirable and competitive.  It just became even more important to ensure your local strategy is rife with local data.

What you need to do …

  • Double check your business information in your Google+ Local listing  
  • Ensure all fields are completed and accurate  NAP (Name, Address & Phone) data must be accurate, and match exactly, all sites on the internet that display this data about your company  
  • Ensure your site is mobile friendly.  This variable continues to become ever-more important as a ranking factor.

Some of the differences in the new design include:

  • Google no longer shows the customers phone number
  • The number of results has been reduced to only 3 (instead of the previous 7 results)

Many small businesses think the update to the local search results further alienates Google from local business owners.

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