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Suggested New Year Resolutions for Your Website
Written By: June Bachman, Wendy Ogryzek and Teresa Mitchell ~ 1/12/2009

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year again, when we all take a little time to think about our resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. We at bWyse thought it would be fun to put together a list of resolutions for your website. By no means is this list completely exhausted. Think of it as a great starting place – pick and choose those resolutions that make the most sense to you. Use the list as inspiration to generate your own resolutions.

The ultimate goal is to realize that thinking about the things you want to accomplish with your website over the next year is where to begin. Turn the resolutions into goals, and then fashion a little action plan. Spending a few moments in time right now to plan it all out will increase your likelihood of successfully accomplishing those resolutions!

Fix what’s broken - It doesn't take much to disappoint visitors to your website. Broken links and images are extremely disappointing. Website visitors are left wondering what they are missing. Avoid this by resolving the following:

  • I will check my website for broken links and fix them.
  • I will check my website for broken images and fix them.

Spell Check - We all pass judgment ... and in the online world it happens fast. Make the best first impression that you can by ensuring the spelling and grammar is correct on your website. Poor spelling and grammar is often times extended by website visitors; who may draw the conclusion that poor attention to detail spills over to your products and services. Resolve the following:

  • I will proof read my website for spelling and grammar errors and fix them.

Content Additions and Updates - We've said it before ... we'll say it again ... Content is Queen! The internet is about sharing information ... make sure you are sharing the best, current information that you can. Not only will your website visitors thank you, but your website will be found more often by the search engines. Resolve the following:

  • I will add new content to my website no less once a month (but more often is better.)
  • I will check my website content to make sure it talks about what my clients care about.
  • I will ask my clients for testimonials, and add them to my website.
  • I will review the content on my website and make changes to update outdated information.

Add Something New - Challenge yourself to add something new to your website. Website visitors like to have reasons to return to your website. It's your job to think of new things to add to keep your website interesting. The more interactive you can make the new addition, the better. Resolve the following:

  • I will create a blog and write a blog post at least once each week.
  • I will create a YouTube channel, create and post videos and add links to my videos on my website.
  • I will create interesting audio podcasts that are informative, and add them to my website so my visitors can download them.
  • I will write an email newsletter and send it out each month.

Linking - Naturally gained links to your website are the best. Create content to which other will want to link. Articles are a great place to start. Better yet, website visitors love lists - create lists of things to share your knowledge and expertise. Resolve the following:

  • I will add a new link to my website each month (week)
  • I will create a top "##" list each month about something interesting that I know, that is beneficial for others to read.
  • I will create short "how to" articles, that provide helpful information.

Social Networking – Social networking is gaining increased popularity. And it makes sense, to join the party – so to speak. Social networking sites are where website visitors hang out. Create a strategy to participate more in social networking. Resolve the following:

  • I will create a Linked In account and build my online network.
  • I will create a BizNik account and build my online network.
  • I will create a Facebook account and build my online network.

Search Engine Optimization – We all know that building a website, alone, is not enough. You must also make a conscience effort to drive traffic to your website. Implementing elements that the search engine spiders like … will increase your website ranking and subsequently increase your website visitors.

  • I will review the title tags on each of my web pages to make sure each one is unique.
  • I will review the description tags on each of my web pages to make sure they are written to impress both search engines, and website visitors.
  • I will check my website and if I am using frames, I will redesign my website so it doesn't use frames.

Ecommerce - More and more website surfers are buying online. Geography is no longer a determinant of your business' success. Since website surfers are more trusting, selling online is going to continue to become more competitive. Resolve the following:

  • I will determine my unique selling position, and ensure that I have communicated it effectively on my website.
  • I will add the ability for my website visitors to be able to make secured purchases from my website.
  • I will use my bulk email system to communicate regularly, my specials and promotional offers with my website visitors.

Remember, just because you have taken the time to write your resolutions, it doesn't mean that you are the only one to implement them. Be creative in finding and using resources, or even delegating to ensure you successfully achieve your goals.

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