April 21, 2015 = Google Updates Algorithm Read On for Details


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April 21, 2015 = Google Updates Algorithm Read On for Details
Written By: June Bachman ~ 4/16/2015 9:05:00 AM

On April 21, 2015 Google will implement a major update to their search engine.  This update will expand ranking benefit that mobile-friendly websites receive.  In other words, if your website is mobile-friendly … you will rank higher.  And if it isn’t, you may drop very low in the search engine results.

Google had been making their search engine more “mobile-friendly” for a couple of years; and now they are demanding that website be built mobile-friendly as well.  With over 65% of all users accessing the internet using mobile devices, Google want to present the best content to their users with the best user experience.

To make Google happy … and subsequently improve your users’ experience interacting with your website, you should rebuild your website using Responsive Web Design (RWD).  Responsive design means there is one set of code for your website and one URL (domain name) for your website, regardless of the device used to view your site.  The site is coded to “respond” to the device used to view your site by adjusting the display and design of your website pages.

We at bWyse recognize the importance of responsive design, and incorporated this code update to our build process last year.  However, we recognize that many small businesses are in the position to rebuild their websites now.  As a special offer to those small businesses, we are running our ZERO DOWN PAYMENT special during the month of April.  When you choose to have bWyse rebuild your website responsively, you won’t have to start paying your ZERO INTEREST payments until May 1, 2015.  Call us today for the details!  We’d love to get started on your web design project.


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