2015 Website Design Trends You Need to Know About!


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2015 Website Design Trends You Need to Know About!
Written By: June Bachman ~ 1/1/2015 9:00:00 AM


Here are just a few of the new design trends coming this next year.  As you consider if it is time to redesign your website, think about the new trends and which ones may make sense to incorporate into your redesign!

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More Scrolling - Due to the heavy influence of designing for mobile devices, longer scrolling pages are rapidly becoming more popular.  Designers used to try to keep all of the most important information "above the fold"  today, that is much less important.  In short, it is easier to scroll down on a mobile device, than it is to click to another page.  At the very least, your homepage should definitely be redesigned with lots more content, and scrolling in mind.

Smaller Hero Images - You can hardly go to a site that doesn't have a great, big hero image near the top of the page.  Trends for 2015 include shrinking, or completely eliminating this large image.  This trend is mostly about making your site look different than all the other sites.  Go ahead, be rebellious - remove your large hero image!

Declutter! - The past few years we've seen designs become more streamlined and simple; with more and more exposed white space.  As we enter 2015 that trend continues … and moves to the extreme.  Take a look at your website, and ask yourself, "Is absolutely everything on each page essential to the user's experience?"  If you can answer, "No."  then it is time to remove the unnecessary elements.

Hidden Menus - In line with designing more for mobile devices, hidden menus have become a trend this year.  Wendy and I simply reject this trend all together.  Although it may seem more interactive and interesting for the user … you must counter balance that with keeping things easy for the user to do.  If you hide the menu and it isn't completely obvious where to click to view the menu, your users will become frustrated and simply leave your site … for the competition.

Tell Me A Story - Content written in such a manner that is more story-like is more engaging to users. Interactivity and animation brings life to the user's experience on your website.  Using elements such as actions that occur as users scroll, click or mouse over elements it a great way to encourage users to spend more time on your website.

https://www.spaceneedle.com - Good example of interactive story telling!

More Photos of YOU! -  If you've ever met with Wendy … she's told you that you absolutely must have images of you, your team, your company, your products … simply everything you can on your website.  This is certainly Wendy's favorite trend … and I think she started this one herself!  Don't try to look bigger than you are by using stock photography - be transparent - your customers want to know with whom they are doing business.  So grab your cell phone, camera, surface … and schedule a photo shoot around your office!

What are your favorite design trends for the coming year?  Post your comments to let us know!


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