Google Authorship Is Dead ... kind of


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Google Authorship Is Dead ... kind of
Written By: June Bachman ~ 9/17/2014 9:00:00 AM

Google Authorship used to be a feature whereby you could associate your Google+ account with the content on a specific page of your website.  You may recall that profile photos sometimes were displayed in the Google search results.  Well, Google has ended this feature.




Although it was a fabulous way to connect yourself as the author of your content, less than 30% of authors actually connected their content with their authorship profiles.  In addition to a low adoption rate, Google found there was little benefit to users in the search results.


Finally, as Google continues to refine its search results to be more mobile friendly, they determined there wasn’t room enough to display author photos in the search results.


I, for one, am disappointed.  I do believe that displaying author’s photos in search results improve how often search results were clicked.  Additionally, I like the fact that we could connect authorship information to website content.  Although the images will no longer be displayed … we at bWyse will continue to build websites that use the authorship tag.  Google does continue to track content created and continues to claim that Author Rank is an important search engine ranking variable.

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