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Add Testimonials to Your Website
Written By: June Bachman ~ 2/11/2008

There are many opportunities to work with different companies that can assist with marketing your website.  However, you don’t need to start there … as there are many things that YOU can do!

Testimonials are a terrific way to create credibility and legitimacy - when they are done right.  It is ok to solicit testimonials from your customers.  Ask for their feedback, and include the best comments on your website.  Here are some other things to consider about testimonials:

  • Each testimonial should include the customer's name and location
  • Consider including a photo/headshot of the customer
  • Always ask your customer's permission to use the testimonial
  • Offer a link back to the customer's website
  • Ask for specific details in the testimonial
  • Consider distributing the testimonials throughout your website
  • Keep the testimonials short and sweet


  • Brainstorm a list of your best clients
  • Email / call them today to ask if they would provide you with a testimonial
  • Chat with your web designer to strategize how to get the testimonials added to your website

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