Who Do You Want to Talk To? Let's Try Character.ai!


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Who Do You Want to Talk To? Let's Try Character.ai!
Written By: June Bachman ~ 10/13/2023 9:00:00 AM


Character.ai is an app that lets you make and talk to pretend "characters" just like texting a friend.  Imagine chatting with Spiderman, Albert Einstein, or even a new character you dream up!  It was made by some super smart folks who used to work at Google and started in 2022.  They also made a phone app for it and have a special version called c.ai+ in 2023 with cool extras. Lots of people are using it! It has 4.2 million users on their phones, while ChatGPT has 6 million mobile users.

Why is Character.ai Special?

Character.ai is getting really famous fast.  It's different because it lets YOU make and shape the characters.  Instead of just any chat robot, you can make your characters super unique.  They can be from books, movies, history, or even your own imagination.  You can chat with one or have a big group chat where they all talk together.

More About Character.ai

This isn't just another chat app.  You can customize your characters in lots of ways, like their personality and how they talk.  The cool part is, it uses really advanced tech to do this.  People can also rate and give feedback, so the characters get better over time.

Making and Talking to Characters

To make a character, you go to the website and click "create".  You give your character a name and a greeting message.  There are also more settings if you want, like choosing how your character sounds and helping it understand its personality.  Over time, the character learns and changes based on what people say and how they rate it.

But, Be Careful!

Remember, this app is still being improved.  Sometimes, characters might say stuff that's not nice or not true.  And, even if you chat with a famous character, they might not act exactly like they do in books or movies because they're made by regular people.

Why is This App Different?

There are lots of apps out there, but Character.ai is special.  Instead of making everyone get the same thing, they let each user have their own experience.  It's not just about getting more users; it's about making a place where people help shape the way the AI works.

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