Annual Social Media Audit - Part 3 - (Re)-Define Your Audience


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Annual Social Media Audit - Part 3 - (Re)-Define Your Audience
Written By: June Bachman ~ 6/21/2023 9:00:00 AM


Having a clear Social Media Marketing strategy is extremely important.  The best place to begin with your upcoming plan is to first evaluate what's currently working … Your opportunities for improvements.

This five part series will help you audit, assess and analyze your existing Social Media Marketing strategy, so you can hit the ground with improvements!  A Social Media audit will provide you with an overview of how well your selected channels, tools, target audiences, and overall efforts are working to support your Social Media goals and objectives.

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(Re)-Define Your Audience

Hopefully, when you began your Social Media Strategy you used your marketing demographics to define your desired audiences.  This is an opportunity to take a look at your audience to determine the characteristics of your followers - for each of your Social Media channels.

  • Most Social Media channels provide some form of analytics or insights to help you understand the demographics of your audience.  Review each one to be able to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between your audiences.
  • Ensure you are targeting your niche' markets on each Social Media channel.  

Ask Yourself ...

  • Are you attracting your target market as followers on all of your Social Media channels?
  • Are you following the best people, liking and engaging with the best business pages?
  • Have you joined the best groups for your business?
  • Do you have an easy way to consistently manage all of the connections for your business?
  • Do you post your updates when you audience is online?
  • Do you regularly re-post content from your industry influencers?

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