Annual Social Media Audit - Part 2 - Check Your Branding


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Annual Social Media Audit - Part 2 - Check Your Branding
Written By: June Bachman ~ 6/16/2023 9:00:00 AM


Having a clear Social Media Marketing strategy is extremely important.  The best place to begin with your upcoming plan is to first evaluate what's currently working … Your opportunities for improvements.

This five part series will help you audit, assess and analyze your existing Social Media Marketing strategy, so you can hit the ground with improvements!  A Social Media audit will provide you with an overview of how well your selected channels, tools, target audiences, and overall efforts are working to support your Social Media goals and objectives.

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Check Your Branding

Branding is incredibly important across off your Social Media channels.  Being completely consistent across all Social Media channels ensures no confusion will occur by your community.  It is much easier to encourage people to follow you, like you, engage with you, when there is no question they are following YOU!  You MUST be consistent!

For each Social Media account, review your branding for consistency:

  • Are your cover images similar across all platforms?
  • Is your profile image exactly the same across all platforms?
  • Check your about and bio sections of each platforms for a consistent message.
  • Review your vanity URLs for consistency as well.  Make it easy for your community to find you … as well as easy to revisit your Social Media channels.

Ask Yourself ...

  • What needs to be updated?
  • Do I need to create and implement new cover images and profile photos?
  • Are all of your Social Media channel profiles completed and up-to-date?
  • Are all of your images fresh and relevant?

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