Does My Website Need to Have a Blog?


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Does My Website Need to Have a Blog?
Written By: June Bachman ~ 5/19/2023 9:00:00 AM


bWyseInternetMarketing_BlogDirectories.jpgA question was recently posed by an accountant who wants to improve her credibility within her industry.  She is thinking about adding a blog to her website, but doesn’t really believe that anyone would be interested in reading about accounting information.

Anyone who has ever been to any of Wendy’s free workshops knows what the bWyse answer to this question is …. YES … YOU NEED A BLOG ON YOUR WEBSITE!!  At the end of the day, it rarely matters what industry you are in, everyone should have a blog as part of their website, and be blogging on a routine basis.  The benefits of having a blog are to simply too immense to overlook this vital part of your online marketing strategy.

  • Blogging is a fabulous place to create relevant content.  It helps ensure you are updating your site on a regular basis.
  • You can syndicate your blog content to your social media platforms.  Not only does this provide content to post on your social media sites, but it also encourage your social network community to return to your site for more information.
  • Your blog does help you establish your credibility, because you are posting information about your industry that is news worthy, useful and current.
  • Also important is the opportunity to include your keyword phrases in your blog.  This will help your website be found more often in the search results, when users are searching to learn more about the topics you discuss in your blog.
  • Additionally, you can expand your reach, and reader base, by recognizing you are in the finance industry, and not limit yourself to just accounting topics.  Providing useful, information of value is how to establish relationships with your reader base.



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