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Blogging - YOU Can Do It!
Written By: June Bachman ~ 5/12/2023 9:00:00 AM


We’re a few months into the New Year now … so far so good regarding my resolution to blog consistently each week.  But it isn’t without its challenges.  The biggest challenge is ensuring that I have something interesting and engaging to write about each day.

A couple of things have helped support my success and I trust they will continue to help me stay on course.  First and foremost, I set a clear goal.  I want to write five useful blog posts each week, Monday through Friday.  It is important to me that I offer information related to Internet Marketing that will help small business owners with their online marketing efforts.  Setting a strong goal provides me with focus to ensure my blogs stay on point, and don’t become random rants.

Additionally, I’ve developed a little publishing schedule for myself.  Of my three posts, two are directly related to online marketing things that small business owners can do themselves.  Also important to me is building a strong community of local business owners.  So, the other posts each week are an opportunity for me to connect small business owners together by writing about one of our clients, or a small business we’ve connected with during the week.

My hope is by sharing a couple of the things that have helped make it easier for me to stick with it, you will be motivated and inspired to work your blog as well.  If you’ve ever attended any of Wendy’s workshops, you know that we believe a blog is the foundation of building a strong community.  And, as much as we fear not having the time to blog regularly, we really can’t afford to not make the time to do so!

Here are a few specific ideas to help you get started:

  • How To’s – Teach me how to do something!  Write about the three steps, five secrets or two tips that no one shares about your industry.
  • Quotes – Share your favorite quotes, and include why they are inspiring to you.
  • Events – Where do you hang out and why?  Tell your audience where you are presenting, what networking events you’re attending.  Blog before the event and also after the event to share who you met, and how the event went.
  • Questions and Answers – What are the three most common questions you are asked?  Ask and answer these questions in your next blog.

What blog topics have inspired you, what have you written about lately?  Please post a comment and share your blog challenges!

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