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Written By: June Bachman ~ 5/10/2023 9:00:00 AM

Wednesday - May 17, 2023
10:00 am to 11:00 am


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Keep a running list of topics.
Use something like One-Note ... connected to your smart phone and your PC.
Schedule your writing time each week.
Actually put it as an appointment in your calendar. June writes every Sunday morning three blogs for the upcoming week.
Schedule a couple of hours.
Choose the topic.
Look at your running list of topics. What inspires you today? Your blog needs variety, stagger different topics so as not to bore your readers.
Prepare yourself mentally to write.
Start by watching several funny cat videos on YouTube. Grab a cup of coffee. Check your email ... then maybe go take a shower.
Start feeling crappy that you wasted four hours procrastinating.
Good, this is good. Embrace it. Stress and guilt is part of the writing process.
Do some research on your topic.
Facts and figures make your post way more credible. Get lost in your research, and burn another hour or so. Worse yet, be tempted to plagiarize a great blog you found that someone else wrote.
Sit back down and stare at your computer.
The word document is still blank ... blank as a field of fresh-fallen snow, just waiting for the footsteps of your mind to frolic in its…in its…hm…
Damn it! Your sentences are crap!
Crap! Realize that you are a fraud! Why do people read your stuff! And this topic is horrible! You can’t think of anything clever to write! Argh, that metaphor you just put down is pathetic! Pathetic! Wait, that’s not a metaphor; that’s a simile, you fool! You don’t even know the basics you were taught in high school English!
Decide to change your topic completely.
Decide that the topic you chose is just too difficult to write. Repeat steps 7 to 9, then go outside and stare into the night sky and wonder why, why you do this to yourself each week?
Write continuously for 4 hours.
Then edit everything, insert images, add keywords, mark categories, publish post, and slowly and silently sneak into bed.
Panic about what you finally wrote.
After two hours of sleep, wake up freaking out about something you said that could, since you were delirious last night, possibly be offensive to some people. Turn on your phone, read your post to make sure you didn’t say anything too stupid, then try to go back to sleep for another hour before you have to get up.

Seriously … You can try to avoid the process just described by ….

Define a Specific Goal or Purpose for your blog.
Our blog is about “Internet Marketing” which allows us to cover a wide range of topics.
Turn to your expertise … and define the context for your blog.
The purpose of our blog is to give away valuable information and “how to” content to our readers.

Update your blog on a regular basis.
Being consistent is key. If you can only commit to once each month … then start there. But your goal should be to get to one blog per week (or more!)
Being consistent:
Creates trusts with your readers
Makes the search engines happy

Commit to Time Management
Blogging requires commitment to writing.
It is important to plan and schedule your writing time. And, you’ll also need time for:
Finding the right images
Distributing your blog posts

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