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Website Design Trends that Impact SEO!
Written By: June Bachman ~ 1/18/2023 9:00:00 AM

Services_WebsiteDevelopmentServices_8_title.pngIt’s time to redesign your website.  If it has been a few years since you launched your latest business website … you are missing opportunities – and here’s why:

Your website is the foundation for all of your online marketing efforts.  It must be the absolute best it can be!

Mobile Ready

If your site was built more than three years ago, it is likely that it was not built with mobile devices in mind.  Not only are more people (more than 80% of all internet users) viewing site from mobile devices, but the search engines are seeking mobile ready websites as well.  In short, you’ll be reaching more people and will also get the boost from happy search engines!

Social Media Icons

Today’s world is SOCIAL!  We all look for the Twitter, Facebook and even Google Business Profile icons on a website.  When they aren’t found, not only do we question how long it’s been since the site has been updated … we tend to move on quickly – to the competition, that is!


By now your blog should be an integrated part of your website.  The user experience should be the same – regardless of what page they visit on your site.

Updated Design

Not only should you ensure that your brand message is consistent for all of your on and off-line marketing collateral, but you’ll want your website to include contemporary design elements as well.  You want to visually communicate that your website is easy-to-use and up-to-date.  A new, refreshed design can put you back on that track.

Updated Search Engine Optimization

Again, if your site was built more than three years ago, most likely many of the new elements that search engines seek when determining how to rank your site, are missing.  By redesigning your website, you have the unique opportunity to ensure these important SEO elements are incorporated with the redesign.



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