Multi-part eCommerce Marketing Series: Part 4 Social Media Strategies


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Multi-part eCommerce Marketing Series: Part 4 Social Media Strategies
Written By: June Bachman ~ 9/30/2022 9:00:00 AM


Our current series is geared towards the efforts you can make to improve your eCommerce online sales. Follow these tips to not only improve your website visitors' experiences, but also gain more online sales!

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Consider a freebie give-a-way to advertise on your social media accounts. All visitors have to do is sign up for your special offer emails to be eligible to receive the give-a-way!

Figure Out Your Social Media Platforms

It’s difficult to know which Social Media Platforms to use to support your eCommerce efforts. In short – try them all, and simply cut the ones that don’t work, or aren’t used by your niche’ target market. At the very minimum, you’ll need presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube. If your product is visual, then also add Pinterest and Instagram.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts

It is so much easier to manage your Social Media when you use the posting scheduling features. Most social media platforms have this features. Beware and avoid using automated third party tools (like Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.) to post on your behalf. Often times the Social Media platforms will reduce your reach and suppress your notifications when you use a third party posting system.

Create “How To…” Videos Demonstrating Your Products in Use

Another way to connect with your customers, as well as expand your brand exposure is to create How To videos for your products. Be sure to include links back to your eCommerce website in the description of your videos, when you post them to YouTube.


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