eCommerce Marketing Series: Part 2 Email Marketing Strategies


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eCommerce Marketing Series: Part 2 Email Marketing Strategies
Written By: June Bachman ~ 9/16/2022 9:00:00 AM


Our next series is geared towards the efforts you can make to improve your eCommerce online sales. Follow these tips to not only improve your website visitors' experiences, but also gain more online sales!

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Create a Consistent Email Marketing Strategy

Email remains the absolute best way to communicate on a routine basis with your customer base. This strategy continues to generate more sales directly, and increases your revenues. Use MailerLite to get started. A free, fully robust bulk email system that is simple to use.

Make It Easy for Customers to Sign Up for Your Emails

Be sure to always offer something of value to not only encourage, but also reward your customers for signing up for your emails blasts. It could be a small sample product, or a 10% off your order reward.

Personalize Your Emails

Personalization is adding your customer’s name into the subject line and body of the email that you send out. This will help increase your open rates.

Additionally, be sure that you are associating the “faces” of your business with your brand. Include images and videos of you and your team. Show how you make your products. Including these little personalized touches helps your customers know you better, and also feel special.

Don’t Forget about All the Emails You Send

eCommerce businesses send a lot of emails to their customers; including: confirmations, receipts, shipping, and thank you emails. Don’t forget to not only personalize these emails, but also include opportunities for up sales, resales, and share with a friend offers.

Additionally, if you track personal information about your customers, you can send special birthday or anniversary email specials to your customers.

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