Keyword Phrases Series Part 4: How to Assess the Value of Your Best Keyword Phrases for Your Website


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Keyword Phrases Series Part 4: How to Assess the Value of Your Best Keyword Phrases for Your Website
Written By: June Bachman ~ 5/6/2022 9:00:00 AM


How to Assess the Value of Your Best Keyword Phrases for Your Website

Every small business owner wants their website to be found by their potential customers.  Being first on Google or Bing search results may not be your ultimate goal.  However, making it easy for your prospects to find your website should be one of your goals.  Understanding and choosing the best keyword phrases it where you start!

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By now you’ve compiled a list of keyword phrases categorized by concept and theme, as well as buying process stages.  The next step is to assess the value of each of your keyword phrases.  We’ll explore how you can determine the search volume and competition rate for your keyword phrases.  This will help you determine which keyword phrases are most important for each of your groupings.  With this ranking you will know which words to use a little more often in your content.

Search Volume is how often a keyword phrase is searched each month.  A higher search volume indicates it is a more popular keyword phrase.

Competition Rate is how many other sites are also optimizing on the keyword phrase.  A higher number means more websites are optimizing for the keyword, and it may be more difficult to rank your website as well.

Great Tool for Keyword Popularity Research:


StoryBase is a great tool that provides the search volume, as well as demographic information about website visitors who are searching for your keyword phrase.

Great Tool for Keyword Competition Research:


Wordtracker is a great tool that provides not only the search volume, but also how competitive a keyword phrase may be.  Additionally, they provide keyword phrase suggestions.

In general, your goal is to find keyword phrases that have a high search volume and a low competition rate.  This is your “sweet spot”.

This concludes our four-part series about researching and improving the keyword phrases you intend to use throughout your website.  As always, if you have questions, or need help with your keyword phrases, don’t hesitate to contact Wendy!


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