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Google Alerts - A Great Little Tool
Written By: June Bachman ~ 1/19/2012 8:15:00 AM

With the continued growth of community building and online conversations through social media networks, it is increasingly more important to ensure you are listening to what's being said about you and your business.  Today's business environment requires you to not only know what's being said, but also how other respond, for a few reasons.

  • understand the buzz about your business
  • address complaints and issues quickly
  • gain feedback regarding your marketing efforts
  • leverage your marketing and social media efforts for efficiency and impact
  • stay on top of your competition's activities

An easy way to listen regularly is to set up Google Alerts.  Google will send you an email when they find results that match your keyword search phrase.  It's like running a Google search, but they do it for you and only email you with new results.  You can stay on top of web pages, newspaper article or even blogs that mention your keyword search phrase.

Some tips to keep in mind when you are setting up your keyword search terms include:

  • Be specific, more precise terms will produce more relevant results.
  • Use quotes around search term phrases to search the whole phrase.
    • “June Bachman”
  • Use a minus sign in front of words that you want to exclude.
    • Salsa – dancing (to search for the food)
  • Include the site: to search specific websites.
    • Mathematics: (to search only education websites)

Post a comment to let us know what you are tracking and how it helps your marketing efforts!

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