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Microsoft BING Surpasses Yahoo! for the First Time
Written By: June Bachman ~ 1/12/2012 2:45:00 PM

In the month of December 2011, Microsoft's search engine BING beat Yahoo! In search queries for the first time.  Congratulations Microsoft BING!

However, I believe that I may be the reason why there were more searches on BING last month.  Just like we are a house divided some are Huskies, others (we won't mention any names Ms. April!) are Cougars, there is a clear divide between those of us (read ME) who live and die for the Google search engine and others (read everyone else in the house) who simply think BING ROCKS!

So, how can I possibly be the cause for BING's great search engine usage success?  A few months ago I noticed that every time I try to go to the Google search engine, the BING search engine popped up in my browser.  I had recently upgraded my computer to Win7 - so at first I thought it was happening because of the upgrade.  Then I realized that it was ONLY happening on MY computer and not any other computer that used Win7.  My suspicions began to grow.  Ultimately the thanks for such a great practical joke was compliments of my brother-in-law (Wendy's husband) Randy who, by the way is an ever-so loyal and trusted employee of none other than Microsoft.  Really??  Talk about driving me crazy!  But I guess it was worth it, since it helped Microsoft achieve 2nd place last month.

On that note share a comment about which search engine you love to use, and why.  And, while your commenting, if you have any ideas or suggestions for a practical joke I can play on Randy to get him back share that too!

Each month comScore reports which search engines are used the most.  Google continues to reign supreme with 65.4%, but Microsoft was next with 15.1% and Yahoo! Brought up the rear with 14.5%

Search Engine



 Point Change

Google Sites




Microsoft Sites




Yahoo! Sites




comScore also reported that there were 18.2 billion searches conducted last month - 2% increase from November 2011.  Not surprising with all of that online Christmas shopping going on!

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