Secrets of Google's Local Listing Ranking Algorithm


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Secrets of Google's Local Listing Ranking Algorithm
Written By: June Bachman ~ 6/20/2020 9:00:00 AM

bWyse_LocalSearch_mobile2.jpgLocal Search Rankings are becoming increasingly more important – especially as search conducted on mobile devices are show the local results.  Your Google My Business page (Google Local Business) page are the local results that are shown.  Recently Google has shared some of the factors they consider as they rank local business pages.

Use the following information to ensure your Google Local Business Page is optimized for ranking as high as it possibly can.

How Complete is Your Profile?

Local search results favor the most relevant information.  Local Businesses pages that are completely rife with information are easier to match with search requests.  Be sure to fill out every possible field – including open hours, your address, phone number and selecting the appropriate business categories.

Is Your Local Business Listing Verified?

Verified listings will rank higher in the search engine local listings results.

Do You Have High Quality Reviews?

High quality, positive reviews from customers improve your business visibility in the search engine local listing results.

Do You Have Great Photos?

Be sure to add good pictures and videos to your local listing.

Don’t Forget About Other Factors Google also takes other web factors into consideration when determining your ranking.  Be sure your website has good in-bound links, and that your site is referenced in other sources around the web; such as review sites in addition to Google.

Taking just a few minutes to review the overall quality of your Google Local Listing will help your listing ranking higher in the search results.

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