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Submit Your Website to Industry Portals
Written By: June Bachman ~ 1/1/2007

There are many opportunities to work with different companies that can assist with marketing your website.  However, you don’t need to start there … as there are many things that YOU can do!

A Portal is an industry specific website where visitors can find a bunch of resources to similar websites.  For example, The Knot is a wedding portal.  On The Knot website, visitors can find a ton of website about weddings, such as photographers, wedding dresses, caterers, etc.

  • Link to trade association websites (a form of portal).
  • Be selective – pick the best few that fit your industry.


  • Search Google for “Portals” – to find a lot of different industry portals
  • Search Google for industry specific portals – to find portals for your industry where you may wish to include your website.

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