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Customize Your Google Search Results
By: Wendy Ogryzek ~ 11/24/2008

Google has added a new search feature - SearchWiki

If you search Google (while being signed in) you may have noticed there are two new icons that show up at the end of the search result.  One is an arrow pointing up and the other is an x.  You can now move around and edit the search results from Google.

This means you can delete search results that you don't want to see - as well as move your favorite search results up to the top.  Additionally, you can click on the small bubble at the end of the search result to add specific comments.  You can even add your own search result to the page!

Keep in mind that you are able to see all SearchWiki changes made for a search term .... so your changes are viewable by everyone as well.  You can view your edits to results by selecting the "See all my SearchWiki notes" at the bottom of the search results page.  To view everyone's changes to a particular search term select "See all notes for this SearchWiki".

SearchWiki only works while being signed into your Google account.  You can view the "normal" results, but signing out and researching your term.

Google states these new features are an example of how search is becoming more dynamic and is providing users with tools that make searching more useful.