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Domain Names ... Things to Keep in Mind
By: Wendy Ogryzek ~ 11/10/2008

There is a lot we could chat about domain names, but I would like to talk about what I think the three most important things are, when considering a

domain name purchase.

1.  Where to buy a domain name?
Choose a good registrar!!  And how do you do that?  Well I am glad you asked!!  First of all make sure you have full control over the domain name. 

Make sure you check to see what the process is for transferring the domain name as well as the registrar's process for renewing it.

Cheaper is not always better when buying a domain name.  With some of the cheaper companies, they make it impossible to transfer and if you

don't re-new on time because of a bad email address they will sell your domain name to a squatter and you will have to pay tons of money to get it

back.  So be careful when purchasing your domain name.

Also, be careful when searching for a domain name.  Some of the registrars have started this new process that occurs when you use their site to

check to see if a domain name is available.  If you don't buy it right then, they lock it for 5 days.  They see that someone is interested in it and want to

force you to buy it from them.  So, be very careful when looking.

2. Buy a .com
It is best to buy a .com for your company name.  Even if the .net or .biz is available, I would still try and be creative to get a .com that is a great match

to your company name and major keywords.

3. Make it easy to remember!
This is the most important thing to think about when buying a domain name.  Be creative and keep it in line with your marketing and branding, and

most important ... be memorable.

If you need any help with purchasing a domain name, please don't hesitate to post a comment and we will help however we can!!

Thanks for reading....Wendy's Take