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Keywords is What it’s all About
Written By: Teresa Mitchell, Wendy Ogryzek, June Bachman ~ 11/20/2007

Do you want your website to be listed on the first page of a Google search? “Yes,” read on.

Set Online Marketing Goals 
This article’s goals are fourfold.

1. To model for our readers how to effectively embed keywords in website content.

2. To satisfy our November online marketing objective by adding keyword rich content to .

3. By highlighting keywords, to provide a visual representation of keyword density and distribution.

4. To use humor to get our clients to shake a leg with “keywords.”

In a bWyse newsletter brainstorming session, Wendy took the lead by suggesting, “let’s do an article about turkeys or pilgrims and Indians.” That spun us to other "key"words: donkey, jockey, hickey. Out of that “keyword” tangent surfaced the phrase Tom Turkey. We soon retreated, the market was stuffed with competition – Tom Turkey was all sewn up for November. In the spirit of collaboration to accomplish our online marketing goal of adding content to our website we made a shortlist of other potential inspiring keywords and phrases to use to organically optimize our website while satisfying the goals for November’s newsletter article:

Inspiring Keywords and Phrases

1. content
2. keyword
3. online marketing

Embedded Sources of Inspiration
There it was. Embedded in the shortlist in a keyword was this month’s source of inspiration for writing the content for November’s newsletter article. Key is our keyword.

Citing Roget's New Millennium™ Dictionary, key is a noun that means indispensable content. Indispensable content is what you use to optimize your website. Here are some bWyse suggestions for getting started.

1. A great place to start developing content for your online marketing campaign is by making a list of words your customers might use to search for your product or service.

2. For inspiration, bring your site up in a browser, click the view tab and select “source.” Copy and paste the keywords embedded in your code into document for easy reference. Brainstorm synonyms. Choose two or three words from your list and start writing new content to add to your site.

3. Add geographical qualifiers to your list of keywords to localize how your customers will find you. For example, if you were Nat King Cole and you only wanted to perform in specific cities, you might use one or more of these cities repeatedly in your content: Winona, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino.

4. Ask yourself open-ended questions about what your clients might like to know about you or your product / service or the current, best practices related to your business. For example, for this article bWyse asked "how can we facilitate our customers’ understanding of the relationship between content, online marketing and keyword search ranking?"

Keywords are Fun
Now, lets have a little fun, crack a smile, relieve some stress and shake a leg with some keywords, it’s what it’s all about!

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