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Establish Cross Linking With Power Partners
Written By: June Bachman ~ 1/1/2007

There are many opportunities to work with different companies that can assist with marketing your website.  However, you donít need to start there Ö as there are many things that YOU can do!

Placing reciprocal links on each othersí websites advertisements is another great way to attract more visitors to your website.  Consider creating actual advertisements instead of just hypertext links.  For example, Papa Jack could place a coupon ad for his services on the bWyse website.  After all, that would be about 10,000 people a month seeing his ad.

Place banner ads on each otherís websites that advertise services, and link back to the respective websites.

  • Consider also, exchanging newsletter sign-up ads.


  • Your BNI networking partners.  Who are your power partners?

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