N3 Networking - 8/9/22: Jeff Lorsch - Evergreen State Mortgage


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N3 Networking - 8/9/22: Jeff Lorsch - Evergreen State Mortgage
Written By: June Bachman ~ 7/30/2022 9:00:00 AM

No Nonsense Networking!
Tuesday Morning 7:30 am – 8:30 am 
Family Pancake House - Redmond

Jeff Lorsch Evergreen State MortgageOver the years we’ve met a lot of mortgage professionals … but Jeff really stands out.  Aside from being brainiac smart … Jeff has a way of explaining a super intimidating, difficult to understand process in such a way that makes you feel smart and capable about moving through the process with confidence.

Jeff Lorsch of Evergreen State Mortgage

Jeff’s twenty years as a mortgage professional is based on a financial career negotiating export contracts in the aerospace industry. (I said brainiac, right?!)  For the past fifteen years Jeff has been an independent mortgage broker.  This means that he has seen it all … the ups, the downs, and the overall evolution of the industry.  Jeff is amazing at staying apprised of the policy and regulatory changes the mortgage industry has endured most recently.

But, don’t listen just to me … Here is what Jeff’s clients have to say …

Knowledge – Jeff knows how to get things done.

“I felt from my first visit that you had a handle on what was needed to get it down”

Get things done timely – There are deadlines, P&SA, interest rates, and life … all of which influence getting things done.  Jeff guides you through this entire process.

“Thank you for working through this in such a timely manner”

Details and accuracy – Seriously?  We're talking money, and the government … you know what we mean when we say "details and accuracy"!

Jeff is the Main Event Speaker at our N3 – No Nonsense Networking meeting.

Feel free to be our guest!
August 8, 2022 – 7:30 am – 8:45 am

N3 – No Nonsense Networking
Family Pancake House - Redmond
17621 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052



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