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2018 Design Trends
Written By: June Bachman ~ 12/29/2017 9:00:00 AM

BWYSEBLOG_2017WebsiteDesignTrends.jpgThis year you will see changes to the design and layout of websites.  You'll see more use of larger images, bigger fonts and bolder colors.  Navigation menus will be stripped down to as few options as possible.  And, content will contain more numbers to persuade customer interaction and next steps through the sales funnel.

Responsive Mobile-First Design

  • This is the process of designing a website for mobile devices first … and then making sure they work with larger displays, including PCs.
  • This is becoming a trend due to Google updating their guidelines and recommendations for how websites should be designed for best search engine results rankings.
  • If you haven't redesigned/redeveloped your website in a few years.  Now is the time to incorporate a new design into your online marketing plan.  

Less Stock Images  

  • Anyone who's been to one of Wendy's workshops has heard her say multiple times, "Use your OWN images!!"  
  • Using your own images, as opposed to stock images support your customer's desire to work with authentic brands.  

Bigger, Bolder Fonts  

  • Again … to Wendy's delight - GONE are the days of the microscopic fonts that are impossible to read.
  • Make sure to incorporate larger font types into your layout and design.  

More Video  

  • Dynamic videos hold the attention of your audience longer.  This is very helpful for your Search Engine Optimization efforts.  
  • Even though video is already huge on the internet, it will continue to grown in importance for both your website design and your social media content distribution.  

Bold Colors

  • Bold colors do a great job of attracting the attention of your users.
  • It is ok to use more vivid color palettes in your website design.  


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